Capra's Orgins

Capra Clothing is an athletic sportswear brand founded on Feb,22,2023 by Eli Pritchard. We base our clothes off of modern day athletic wear and create quality clothes at lower prices. Capra is named after the word goat in Latin as "Goat" was the original name of our company but after we realized how bland the name is we switched it to Capra because he felt that it stuck better on the Tongue and sounded more appealing to anyone we would try to sell our products to.

Fun Facts

Fun Fact 1

Capra was almost named Beast

Fun Fact 2

Capra was made in Charlotte, NC, USA

Fun Fact 3

When Eli Pritchard made Capra he was 12 years old

Contact Us

Text: 704-281-8203

Call: 704-281-8203 (Only call Sat-Sun from 12:00pm- 11:00pm EST)